SC5DT Natural Gas Engine

Natural Gas Engine

SC5DT Natural Gas Engine
Good Performance
EuroⅢ and EuroⅡNatural Gas Engines for Trucks have good performance and good fuel economy within whole power range. The engine control system can make adjustment automatically according to change of atmosphere, thus making the engine run without performance deterioration at attitude of 3000m and below.
Good taking off, accelerating and climbing performances.
Good Fuel Economy
Minimum fuel consumption per 100km running is less than 38m3. The engine has lower fuel consumption within its whole operation range compared with other engines of the same kind, which significantly reduces truck operation cost.
The Engine passed national certification of EuroⅢ in 2005 and can be updated to EuroIV.
Basic connecting dimensions are identical to those of the diesel version.
Small specific power(power/liter), low compression ratio. The electronic control system is stable and reliable with minimum failure rate.
Basic components are inter-changeable with the components of the diesel version. Wear parts such as spark plug and high voltage cables are domestic products that are inexpensive and having good service with sufficient local spare parts.
SPECIFICATIONS of SC5DT Natural Gas Engine
Model Unit Euro Ⅲ Euro Ⅱ
SC5DT160Q3 SC5DT180Q3 4CT160 4CT180
Type   4-Cylinder 4-Stroke, Water cooled
Aspiration   TCI
Bore×Stroke mm×mm 114×130
Total Displacement L 5.3
Compression Ratio   11:1
Rated Power/Rated Speed kw/r/min 118/2300 132/2300 118/2300 132/2300
BMEP@Rated Condition kPa 1130
Maximum Thermo Efficiency % 37
BSCF Oil Consumption Rated g/kW.h ≦0.25
Maximum Torque/Speed N.m/r/min 580/1500 650/1400∽1600 580/1500 650/1400∽1600
Noise dB(A) ≦97
Overhaul Interval km ≧400000
Overall Dimension mm 900(Length)×925(Width) ×794(Height)
weight kg 500
SC5DT Natural Gas Engine
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